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Are Nootropics Safe For Kids? Geniux Natural Cognitive Enhancer

The continuous advancements in research and technology have resulted to the formulation of enhancers or supplements that improve functions of the different body parts such as the brain. Among the most popular brain supplement are nootropics. One of the established companies that sell nootropics is Geniux TM that operates in the United States.

Geniux Is A Cognitive Enhancement Brain Supplement

geniux reviewGeniux is claimed to be the most complex yet effective brain enhancement product in the world. The supplement is marketed highlighting its three major benefits. First, it is formulated to increase energy in just a few minutes. The burst in energy is said to last for about six hours. Second, it increases focus. The supplement has ingredients that allow you to gain more focus on what you are doing while ignoring distractions. Third, it increases power of the brain. Geniux is made with the maximum allowable amount of smart drugs or nootropics. These greatly help in increasing vigilance, mental performance, and brain activity.

What are Geniux’s Natural Ingredientes?

Each bottle of Geniux contains 30 capsules, which is good for one month. On its official website, one bottle has a list price of $69.95, while two and three bottles have list prices of $139.95 and $209.95 respectively. If you buy online, one bottle, two bottles, and three bottles have list prices of $39.95, $64.95 and $89.95 respectively. There will be savings of $39.95, $64.95, and $89.95 for each type of purchase.

Every Geniux capsule is so powerful because of the ingredients that it contains. Geniux has Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monnieri, Gaba, Huperzine A, Tyrosine, and Vinpocetine. All these work together to deliver the benefits each capsule promises. The Alpha GPC, for example, helps in the proper function of neurotransmission, which is integral and very important in the health of one’s cognition. The others, like Bacopa Monnieri, are essential in the increased blood flow in the brain, which aids in better cognitive function.
Compared to others, Geniux is said to have a long-term result. What’s amazing is it does not include the unwanted negative side effects, which are usually experienced from the intake of prescription-strength drugs. What is more, you don’t need to have a prescription to be able to avail the smart drug. Other brain supplements that are claimed to be not as effective as Geniux are Adderall, Optimind and Profiderall.

Feedback From Existing Geniux Users

A quick search on Amazon would lead to numerous reviews that are mostly very positive. A lot of users give the popular brain supplement a rating of five stars. In general, their testimonials express the same realization that they experienced a huge change in their mental activity. The same is also true with their physical drive to accomplish many tasks every single day. A certain John Healy, for example, said that it did not help him become genius. However, it greatly works for him. The daily intake of the capsule has helped him to always think fast and clearly. It boosts his mental capacity and he does not feel any fatigue at all.

There are also raving reviews about the effectiveness of Geniux. Someone named Max Lucaz shared that Geniux is far more effective compared to other Nootropics. He said that he has tried other brands, and many of them were okay while others did not work at all. With Geniux, he got the best and most effective results. After one month of taking it, he has noticed a significant improvement in his focus and memory.

As it seems, a lot of people are very positive about the effectiveness of Geniux. Even the price, customers are offered with several options on how they can avail of the capsule at discounted rates. Many reviews have emphasized that Geniux is one of the natural Nootropics that is of high quality. In recent years, it maintains a high ranking in terms of ingredients, effectiveness and quality.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Geniux Supplement

geniux ingredientsAside from its benefits, customers can avail it because it is relatively affordable compared to other brands. Plus, the company offers packages in which customers can save.

If there is a disadvantage, it could only be when users are not practicing a healthy lifestyle. Of course, like any other supplement, Geniux will bring you the optimum results if you follow a healthy diet and overall lifestyle. Relying on the drug, while depriving oneself of sleep and nutritious food can be very dangerous and risky later on.

Who Can Benefit From Geniux?

People who are having difficulty focusing at school or at work, those who are having trouble with information retention, Geniux is highly recommended for them. Althought it has not been proven safe by the FDA for children. Anyone has nothing to be scared of when planning to try the smart drug. But you can always follow this guide to taking nootropics.

There are a lot of reasons why people who want to improve their brain’s function should buy the smart drug. For one, the essential nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins contained in the formula are working together to provide one’s brain with healthier and proper functionality. Another reason is it can be found easily on the Web. Aside from Amazon and the official website of the drug, there are other online stores that also offer certain promos.

One most important reason also is the approval that it got from the FDA. It also has certification from the GMP. The company’s facility is employing tried and tested tools and processes. Thus, production of high quality capsules is ensured.

Without any doubt, Geniux Nootropic cognitive enhancement brain supplement could be effective and deliver results. What is also great about the product is that customers are informed about the ingredients and the amounts used. In this way, research can be done whether the company follows limits in terms of ingredients use.